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Herbalife offers healthy food and supplements that help people maintain a healthy weight and lead a healthier life. Our business model allows you to earn an extra income or create your own Herbalife independent business.

Your unique Herbalife number identifies you as a member of the worldwide Herbalife computers system. This reduces paperwork, and also takes care of a variety of administrative tasks that a normal company might face.

Become Distributor
Sign up as a Distributor to sell Herbalife and make money. You'll require a sponsor, who is an existing Herbalife Member. They will help you and serve as your mentor. They can assist you in selecting the appropriate products and sales aids that suit your business.

Herbalife is a global nutritional company that believes that healthy lifestyles are based on a daily balance of nutrition. Their nutrition, weight management and personal products are designed to help people achieve their maximum potential by offering top-quality nutritional supplements.

Herbalife's compensation program is one of the most generous in direct selling, and they assist their Distributors with a range of marketing and training tools. The low costs for starting and freedom to finance are appealing to a lot of people. Herbalife's members pack contains everything you need to start with, including a jar of Herbalife formula 1 shake mix.

Become a preferred customer
If you're a consumer who appreciates Herbalife products but isn't interested in the business side of things then becoming a Preferred Customer might be a perfect fit for you. You can still get a minimum lifetime discount of 25% and also receive free Herbalife products as well as special discounts.

Preferred Customers can also subscribe to the Herbalife newsletter and receive many tips, such as recipes, meal plans, and fitness tips. They can also switch to distributors at any point, and pay a lower cost ($15 or less in certain countries) while earning money selling Herbalife and growing their downline.

To become a preferred member, simply buy the Herbalife member pack and respond to the acknowledgement email sent by Herbalife (hopefully within 48hrs). You can now purchase Herbalife products at a 25 discount of 25 percent. The Herbalife Member Pack includes important information about the product and samples of Herbalife Nutrition Products.

Make money by introducing new members to Herbalife and helping them establish their own business. You'll earn commissions from their purchases as well as a bonus for the products that you sell (yours too). Your Herbalife Network can also purchase Herbalife products at a discounted price in more than 90 countries.

Herbalife is a member of the Direct Selling Association and a signatory to the DSA Code of Ethics. Herbalife's purpose is to nourish people and help them live healthier, more active lives.

As an independent Herbalife associate, you will be able to create strong teams and make wonderful friends as you expand your business. Your mentor will guide and inspire you, unlocking your potential*. You'll be part of a vibrant Herbalife community that shares transformative trainings, success strategies and creative ideas. You can begin an Herbalife business full or part-time depending on your goals. With no start-up costs and top-of-the-line compensation programs There are many options to build the life you want.

How to Be an effective leader
Herbalife, a billion-dollar public company (NYSE: HLF), is a well-established and reputable company. The leading nutritional and health company was established in 1980 and has been on a mission to change people's lives through nutrition.

It's not unusual for leaders to be invited to Herbalife test kitchens to try shakes and food bars. It's all part of a culture which creates product innovation and increases satisfaction of employees.

Libby is focused on creating a work culture that encourages retention of distributors and also success. She also assists Herbalife's research and development efforts to keep the Company at the forefront of nutrition innovation.

As Herbalife's Chief Financial Officer, DeSimone is responsible for accounting, tax, treasury, and strategic planning for the Company across the globe. He also leads the Company's member insights and compliance groups. Before joining Herbalife, DeSimone spent 25 years in corporate finance at public-traded companies including Rexall Sundown and adidas AG. He has an B.S. He was awarded a B.S.

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